Is Ad Badger Fully Automated?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as “fully automated”.

Meaning – there are certain things that no software can handle, such as:

  • Deciding about campaign target ACOS
  • Organizing keywords into high value / low value
  • Deciding about campaign structure
  • etc.

No tool can do that, which is why we combine our software with our community & training! You will more than likely need to either consult the community and Team Badger to ask questions at some point during your PPC journey.

That being said, our software does automate the following:

  • Negative keyword management,
  • Bid management
  • ~99% of search term graduation (moving from auto to manual)
  • Plus our positive keyword tool, which should be finished soon!

So our tool does do most of the heavy lifting. But there still needs to be some human decision making during setup, and as your account grows!

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