Ad Badger's Kindness and Respectfulness Policy

If you stumbled upon this link, welcome! We're happy you care about our kindness and respectfulness policy. Being caring, thoughtful humans is our jam.

If a team member at Ad Badger shared this link with you, oopsie, you're likely in violation of our kindness and respectfulness policy, and that's not cool.

What is our kindness and respectfulness policy?

It's straightforward. Remember everything you learned in kindergarten about being nice to other people? Same rules apply here. Our mascot might be a badger, but we're humans and we like being treated like humans.

We will accept no name-calling, no bullying, and no hate speech.

If you're upset, you might have every right to be upset, but you do not have the right to harm others because you're upset.

If you think a team member is dumb or attractive, that's fine, but you do not have the right to say so. It's not kind, respectful, or professional.

By accepting this policy, you agree that you will use professional and courteous speech when communicating with members of our team.

If you violate this agreement, then you agree to whatever punishment we deem fit, ranging from a friendly reminder of this policy to booting you from our software and community, and anything in between.

We hope this policy is reasonable. We thank you for understanding.

We care about you and your Amazon PPC campaigns. We are here to help however we can, and we promise to uphold our end of the kindness and respectfulness policy as well.

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