Does Ad Badger Support Advertising for Authors or KDP? (Kindle Book Publishing)


After testing Ad Badger for KDP for several months, we are happy to announce that, as of January 2021, Ad Badger supports KDP Ads.


Amazon has not made all areas of KDP Ads available to software developers.

For example, Sponsored Brand support is not complete because Amazon doesn't give us any data for it.

KENP specific ads and lock screen ads are also not fully supported. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn't give us any data for these either πŸ˜”

What we can do:

We talk with our Amazon Reps regularly, requesting opening up the API so we can support more ad types for KDP. When you talk to your rep, tell them the same! Experience shows that if we all vocalize our needs, eventually Amazon listens.


We hope this answers your question, but if you have more questions, please either crowd source what you need in our Facebook Group or shoot us an email at

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