I'm on one Ad Badger Plan, what happens if my spend falls below the treshold for my plan?

Example: If you are on the "Over $75,000" month plan, and you spend only $74,000 in one month, what happens?

First: We found this happens incredibly rarely. We designed our buckets to account for ad spend buckets large enough that transitioning down from one bucket happens quite rarely.

  • Contact Ad Badger
  • We will extend out your future billing date using the following calculation:

Calculate the difference in your plan VS plan under you:
You are paying $8500/yr for Platinum Badger ad spend over $75k/mo
One month you only spend $74k
Your 8500/yr plan works out to $708/mo, and the plan below you works out to $510/mo
The difference between $708 & $510 is $198

Move your billing date forward
$198 gets credited to your account by means of moving your billing date forward.
$198 represents 2.3% of your yearly bill.
We would extend your subscription by 2.3%. Instead of 365 days, your subscription would last 373 days.

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