Agency Platform For v1.0 / Additional Store Pricing

Ad Badger Agency Platform for v1.0

Note: we are launching version 2.0 of Ad Badger with full agency integration. All the quirks of our version 1.0 agency platform will be fixed in late summer 2020.

Want to add another store or add another account? You'll move into our Agency pricing plan:

Current Agency Platform Notes:

Emails & Accounts:

  • Your agency will need to create separate Ad Badger logins for each client you put on our platform.
  • Do you need to create new emails? No.
    • You can create an alias in your email provider which will allow you to receive email from multiple accounts. Please find your provider's instructions below:


  • The first account you sign up with will have normal Ad Badger Pricing. Contact us to add additional ones. You can use our message bubble in the bottom right of any page, or
  • Cost for each additional account:
    • Each additional account costs 40/mo, or 30/mo paid quarterly
    • Contact us for a coupon code to sign up for your additional account.
    • We will need to know the size of this new account in a certain tier:
      • Under 5,000/mo in ad spend
      • Between 5k-25k/mo in ad spend
      • Over 25k/mo in ad spend

What About Version 2?

  • In version 2, you will not need to log in with separate emails
  • We will have a full agency experience, complete with agency dashboards, client reporting, single sign on, employee access, and more.
  • Version 2 is arriving late summer 2020.

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