Why is Data Different in Ad Badger than Amazon?

Most Common Reason Your Data is Different in Amazon Vs. Ad Badger:

A common question users have when using Ad Badger is, “Why are my ad spend, clicks, or revenue different in Ad Badger than in Amazon for the same time frame?”

This has to do a lot more with Amazon than it does Ad Badger– or any Amazon tool you might use.

Amazon’s Advertising API, that Ad Badger and other tools use, calculates data differently than Amazon’s Advertising Console or Seller Central does.

Is this bad? Not exactly. Ad Badger has access to additional data metrics not found inside Seller Central. For example, Ad Badger is able to pull in extra data points like 30d conversions that illustrate 30 day conversions with a single click.

Another point of difference is data delay. As you know, if you look at January’s revenue on February 1st, the numbers will be different than if you review it on February 15th. This happens in both the Advertising API and Seller Central. Amazon reports different data points and processes data differently in both.

In short, the data difference is usually so small that there is no need for concern.

Another Reason Your Data Is Different

In parts of Ad Badger, there are default filters. Some of the filters are:

  • Sponsored Products only
  • Enabled Campaigns only
  • US Campaigns only
  • Date Range Filters

Currently Ad Badger only optimizes Sponsored Products campaigns, so if you also have Sponsored Brand Ads or Sponsored Display Ads, they won’t be found inside Ad Badger.

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