Does Ad Badger do dayparting or weekparting?

Dayparting is the practice of splitting the day into separate parts. For example, examining hour-by-hour data.

Week parting is the practice of splitting up the week into different parts. For example, examining data by day of the week.

Note: Some PPC'rs refer to both of these things as dayparting.

Does Ad Badger Support Dayparting or weekparting?

No, and here is why:

  • Nowhere is there Amazon Advertising PPC data that informs you of performance by hour or day of the week. Once this becomes available, Ad Badger will incorporate it.

What about using organic or business report level data?

  • We choose not to use this either because you cannot draw this data back to a PPC click.

What about simple actions like "pause campaigns from midnight to 6am"

  • The issue with doing this, is because you're using business-report data to determine if a time period is not performing, and then applying it to advertising data.

Amazon Advertising has a long attribution delay. Meaning, if you look at data for October on November 1st, it may report 100,000 in sales. If you look at the data for October on November 15th, it may report 140,000 in sales. This data delay is one of the key reasons why any dayparting & weekparting optimization is not recommended in Ad Badger at the moment.

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