How to Reconnect Your Amazon Store to Ad Badger

Seller Account Error

Are you seeing the image above?

Periodically, Amazon will de-sync your account with software tools such as Ad Badger. It does so at seemingly different intervals for different people. It is unclear why Amazon does this, but we are in communication with them in case they change this policy.

We notify you of this disconnect by asking you to reconnect your advertising account. Thankfully, it is a quick and simple process to reconnect.

How to Reconnect Your Amazon Account to Ad Badger

  1. If you are seeing the Seller Account Error below, click on the "Reconnect" button.

If you have already closed the Seller Account Error popup, please navigate to the "My Stores" section of your Settings.

  1. From here, you can see that the Amazon Account that needs reconnecting will have a red alert in the "Actions" column. Click on the red alert to reconnect.

  1. After clicking the red alert, you will see a prompt to sign in to your Amazon Account and reconnect.

After that, you should be reconnected and should no longer see the red alert in your settings.

Ad Badger Pro Tip: We recommend performing a manual sync after reconnecting in order to import your new data right away.

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