Manual Sync - Pull in Newly Created Campaigns & Data

Ad Badger syncs with Amazon every night, typically at midnight. When we sync with Amazon, we run any automations that are necessary, pull in the newest data (excluding the last two days because that data is highly unreliable days), and update any new items you created in Amazon, like new keywords.

There are, however, exceptional circumstances, such as:

  • You want to extract the last 48-hours of data, including today, and update Ad Badger.
  • You added a new campaign and want to turn on Bids by Badger before the nightly sync.

For that, we offer you the Manual Sync button.

The Manual Sync pulls in new data and downloads any new campaign items, like keywords or ad groups created the same day.

To run manual sync:

  • Go to Stores:
  • Select the store you want to sync:
  • Select the "sync" button:
  • Ta-da! In a few minutes, Ad Badger will pull in your new campaign items and most recent data.

Note: Manual Sync can only be pressed once a day.

This should be straight-forward, but if you have any questions, don't hesitate to hit the chatbot in the corner or contact us at

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