How to Optimize with Ad Badger: A Daily Guide

You've Signed Up-- Now What?

Not sure how to start using the Ad Badger software?

To start optimizing your ads, we laid out a sample daily guide to follow each week.

Let's get started!


Review The Badger's Weekly Co-Pilot Email

Every Monday, you will receive an email with tips to improve your campaigns. Within it are personalized insights; it’s like having your own PPC-pro audit your advertising account. Read through its suggestions and apply any recommendations.

If you have questions, use our Facebook Group or contact Team Badger for more information.


Optimize Your Negative Keywords

The Negative Keyword Quick Attack scans for new money-saving Negative Keywords and Negative Product Targets.

Professional users have access to our Negative Keyword Automation, The Nightly Hunt. Platinum members are able to customize their rules.

Review automated rules and check the Negative Keyword History at your leisure. If you want to make adjustments, you can.


Review & Update Target ACOS In Bids By Badger

Stop overpaying or underpaying for your clicks.

Filter keywords across every campaign based on their performance, and then apply new bids quickly and easily.

Periodically, check the history of bid changes made by Bids by Badger. Every bid change is explained.

Professional & Platinum Users: We recommend turning on Bids by Badger for a few campaigns at a time to measure performance. Our automation works best for ad groups with over 20 conversions per month. Aim to keep the number of keywords per ad group under 30.

If you have questions about automated bids, review our product tour video or contact Team Badger.


Add New Keywords From Converting Search Terms

The Positive Keyword Quick Attack scans for new converting keywords and product targets.

Once a week, add new search terms that received conversions as exact match keywords.

The most profitable way to add new keywords is by implementing the RPSB strategy.

Bonus Points for Doing These Extra Things


Learn And Grow With The Badger Den Community

Listen to our podcast, The PPC Den. There’s a new episode every week. Find previous episodes here. After listening, join the conversation in the Facebook group, The Badger Den: Amazon PPC Discussions.


Attend Our Webinar

Each month, Ad Badger’s CEO, Michael Erickson Facchin, hosts a webinar on the latest news within Amazon PPC and Ad Badger.

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If you still have questions about how to optimize your account, you can check out our Facebook group for advice or contact us at

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