Can I Have a Product Tour or Demo of the Tool?

Want to look inside Ad Badger to see how it works and behaves?

We've got you covered.

Below, our founder Michael Erickson Facchin shares a full, detailed product tour.

It's over an hour long, so grab some coffee or a beer, sit back, and take out your notepad.

This is the most powerful Amazon PPC Tool in review, and we go into thorough detail about how every aspect of what your Ad Badger membership gets you.

Want to jump to a certain area? We thought of that too. See below for timestamps.

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0:00 Start & Introduction to Ad Badger

7:39 “You Need More Than Software”

13:10 Negative Keyword Nightly Hunt

26:33 NKW History

28:00 NKW Whitelist

30:47 NKW Quick Attack

35:21 Bids by Badger

46:24 PKW Tool

52:47 Account Navigator

55:57 Dashboard & Reports

1:00:00 Forums

1:06:54 Training

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