Should I Pause My Campaigns?

We are often asked if specific individuals should pause their campaign, and in this article you will discover why most people consider pausing campaigns, our general Amazon PPC advice on the matter, and our specific response to a common question regarding Ad Badger software and pausing.

Most Common Reason for Pausing Campaign

Often people pause campaigns because their cost per click is too high. They think their ad will appear in a stronger position if the campaign is paused.

CPC, however, is only one determining factor in whether or not an ad appears in a strong position. Other contributing factors to ad ranking are Click Through Rate, Revenue per Click, Conversion Rate, Product Relevancy, and more. Learn about this concept in our blog post, "How Does Amazon Rank Ads."

To Pause or Not to Pause

In general, you should not pause your campaigns, but if you do, it's not the end of the world.

You shouldn't pause your campaigns because Amazon prefers keywords and campaigns that run for longer periods of time rather than lesser periods. Longstanding campaigns, anecdotally, perform better and are easier to optimize than brand new campaigns.

Will pausing campaigns "mess-up" the Bids by Badger Algorithm?

Ad Badger software is smart enough to recognize when a campaign is paused or enabled. The Bids by Badger algorithm will not be ruined, confused, or inconvenienced by a pause.

If you have further questions regarding Amazon PPC, we recommend crowd-sourcing information in our Facebook group or investing in our Amazon PPC Coaching Program.

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