Why are there ASIN's in my Search Term Reports for Amazon PPC?

Here are questions we often get regarding ASINs in Search Term Reports for Amazon Advertising PPC.

Why are there ASINs in the search term report? Does that mean someone searched for an ASIN in the search box of Amazon?

Does that mean someone actually typed in an ASIN? The short answer is: No.

Most customers do not even know what an ASIN is.

asin in search term report

When you see an ASIN in a Search Term Report, it means a customer viewed a product detail page and your product appeared as a Suggested Sponsored Product.

asin in search term report example

There are some cases where you can also get ASINs in your search term report for appearing on a search page where that ASIN also appeared, but those are more rare.

If you'd still like to know more, the Ad Badger team goes further on the topic here: https://www.adbadger.com/blog/amazon-ppc-education/investigating-the-use-of-negative-asins-in-auto-campaigns/

If you still have questions about Amazon PPC, we recommend either crowd-sourcing information in the Facebook group or looking into our Amazon PPC coaching program.

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