We build the Bidding Algorithm in Ad Badger to respond to all sorts of conditions. We don't have default bidding strategy but it can effectively adjust bids using the bidding strategy & ad placements that the user set on our system. Our algorithm is experienced in handling these scenarios and we work hard to hit your Target ACOS.

Choosing the right bidding strategy is an important part of your campaign set-up when thinking about how to help boost sales. Ad Badger will typically adjust bids either up or down to find a balance between discoverability (getting clicks) and ACOS (not having too many clicks without an order). The strategy used will depend on whether your campaign is above or below target ACOS. If your campaign is below target, the Bids by Badger will become more aggressive and experimental, gradually increasing bids on those targets and keywords that have not yet received clicks. Conversely, if you are above target ACOS, the bid algorithm will be more conservative in its testing.

You can check our articles How does Ad Badger manage bids?How do settings like 'Up & Down' or Placement settings impact Bids by Badger's algorithm? for your reference. If you have any other PPC questions feel free to reach out to our PPC Team