Ad Badger strives to provide you with powerful tools for optimizing your sponsored product campaigns. One common question we receive is, "Why doesn't Ad Badger offer automated placement settings?" In this guide, we'll break down the answer for you.

Understanding Placement Settings

Placement settings determine where your ads appear within Amazon's advertising ecosystem. This includes options like top of search, product pages, and rest of search. Automated placement settings would mean that Ad Badger automatically decides where your ads should be displayed without your input.

Current Ad Badger Functionality

As of now, Ad Badger doesn't offer fully automated placement settings. However, we do provide you with a robust set of tools for optimizing your campaigns. We believe in giving you control over where your ads show up to ensure that your advertising strategy aligns with your business goals.

Bulk Actions for Placement Optimization

One way to manage your ad placements effectively in Ad Badger is through bulk actions. These actions allow you to perform optimizations on multiple campaigns at once. For example, you can easily identify campaigns that don't have a top of search placement and apply it to them in bulk.

Dynamic Bidding Algorithm

Ad Badger employs a dynamic bidding algorithm that reacts to the performance of your ads across different placements. If a particular placement, such as top of search, results in increased revenue per click for a keyword, Ad Badger will automatically adjust the bid for that keyword to capitalize on this performance. Conversely, if a placement reduces the revenue per click, the bid will be adjusted accordingly.

Upcoming Features

We understand the importance of simplifying the management of placement settings. That's why we're actively working on introducing recommended bid placement settings. With this feature, you'll have an easier way to manage your placements in bulk, making your advertising efforts even more efficient.

While Ad Badger doesn't currently offer fully automated placement settings, we provide you with the tools and features to optimize your campaigns effectively. Our dynamic bidding algorithm ensures that your bids are always aligned with performance, and we're committed to making placement management easier with upcoming features.

If you have any further questions or need assistance with optimizing your campaigns, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.