Quick Attack is your Amazon campaign's ultimate asset, allowing you to effortlessly incorporate various keyword match types – from the nuanced precision of exact match to the expansive outreach of broad and phrase match. Seamlessly wield these match types to amplify your campaign's effectiveness and conquer the e-commerce realm with finesse.

How to Find New Search Terms

  1. First, follow the steps to filter down what type of search terms you are looking for.
  2. Find the search term you want to add to your account.

  3. Use the green (+) sign to add as a positive, and the yellow (-) sign to add as a negative.

How to Add Different Match Types with Search Term Quick Attack:

  1. If adding as a positive:
    1. Select one or more Match Types, including exact, phrase, or broad match keywords.
    2. Decide if you want to 'block' the keyword by adding it as a negative exact keyword to its source Ad Group.
    3. Select which Ad Group you wish to give your new keyword.
    4. Lastly, select the starting bid for your new keyword.
  2. If adding as a negative:
    1. Select Negative Exact or Negative Phrase
    2. Choose whether to block at the Marketplace, Campaign, or Ad Group level.

Voila! The task of adding new keywords has been seamlessly executed on your behalf. Like a silent Badger, you've diligently expanded your keyword horizons, ensuring your Amazon campaigns are finely tuned to capture greater visibility and engagement. Your strategy just got a powerful boost, effortlessly.


If you have any additional questions, contact us at thebadger@adbadger.com.