Bids by Badger (BBB) is designed to enhance your advertising strategy by leveraging keyword-generated revenue. When integrating with dynamic bids, such as fixed down only or up and down, BBB seamlessly adapts to your chosen settings to optimize bidding for maximum profitability.

BBB considers the current bid strategy in place, whether it's fixed down only or up and down. If the down-only strategy proves to be more lucrative, generating increased revenue for a keyword, Ad Badger will dynamically adjust and bid more aggressively to capitalize on this profitability. Conversely, if switching to an up-and-down strategy results in decreased revenue, BBB will recalibrate bids accordingly.

Ad Badger's adaptability ensures a seamless integration with various dynamic bidding strategies. The system is designed to either enhance the revenue per click for a specific keyword or adjust bids downward in response to changes, allowing for effortless collaboration with different bid settings in your account.

By understanding how BBB responds to dynamic bids, advertisers can harness its capabilities to fine-tune bidding strategies for optimal results.