What is Dayparting and Weekparting?

Dayparting and weekparting are ways of looking more granularly at your data. Dayparting splits  the day into hours, and weekparting splits the week into days.

Note: Some PPC-ers refer to both of these things as dayparting. Learn more about dayparting and weekparting here.

Does Ad Badger Support Dayparting or Weekparting?

No, Ad Badger does not support dayparting or weekparting because Amazon Advertising does not provide data that informs on hourly or daily performance. When this becomes available, Ad Badger will incorporate.

Does Ad Badger use organic or business-report level data?

Ad Badger chooses not to use organic or business-report level data because that data cannot be drawn back to each PPC click. 

Can Ad Badger perform simple actions such as ""pause campaigns from midnight to 6am""?

Ad Badger does not offer the option to ""pause campaigns from might to 6am"" because the correlation is not inherently accurate.  Using business-report data to determine low-performance time periods and applying that to advertising data is inaccurate data. Learn why it won't work here.


If you have any additional questions, contact us at thebadger@adbadger.com.