Our Negative Keyword Nightly Hunt tool automatically transforms unprofitable or irrelevant search terms into negative keywords. It works overnight to catch unprofitable keywords in your Amazon PPC campaigns.

How to Use the Negative Keyword Nightly Hunt tool:

  1. Access the Negative Keyword Nightly Hunt tool within Ad Badger.
  2. Turn on Pre-Built Automations that automate negative keywords.
    1. Ad Badger Pro Tip: Use our pre-built automations to get started. They are effective for the majority of accounts the majority of the time.
    2. Ad Badger's Pre-Built Automations are:
      1. Block Bad CTR Non-Converters
      2. Block High Spend Non- Converters
      3. Block High-Click Non-Converters
  3. Create Customized Automations.

  1. Add a Never-Negative.
    1. Select ""Add Never Negative"" yellow button.
    2. When prompted, add keyword text, match type, and level.
    3. Select ""Add Never Negative"" to save.

If you're more of a visual learner, Ad Badger's CEO explains how to use the Negative Keyword Nightly Hunt tool in the video below:


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If you have any additional questions, contact us at thebadger@adbadger.com.