In this quick video, learn your way around Ad Manager inside Ad Badger.


  • Ad Manager is where you will activate Bids by Badger™️
    • Select Campaign -> Click Bid Optimization
    • Tips: Generally, we recommend ""down only""
    • Set a target ACOS
    • Max Bid & Min Bid: The highest and lowest Ad Badger will optimize your bids
      • TIP: Set max bid around 2 to 2.5x your average CPC
      • TIP: Set min bid around 0.25x your average CPC
      • Example: If your average CPC is $1, then your max bid can be 2.50, and your min bid can be 0.25.
      • TIP: You can change these later, and you can change these on a per-keyword basis
  • Date Selector: We store your data for as long as you've been a customer, so feel free to view any time frame you'd like beyond Amazon's limit of 60-90 days
  • View both campaign-level negatives and ad group level negatives from the same screen
  • VIEW ALL Keywords, Targets, Negatives, etc...
    • Click the ""View All"" button in the top left of the screen to ""View All"" your keywords, targets, negatives, product ads, etc...
  • Bulk Bid Edits: Want to change bids quickly manually? Here's how:
  • You can set different Target ACOS or Bid Limits at a campaign, ad group, or keywords level.
  • Jump Search: Want to jump into a certain ad group? Use the jump search up top.