Currently, Ad Badger does not have bidding rules. However, they are in development. We currently expect them to be done in the second half of 2022. 

Some important notes:

  • They are in development and expected to release in late 2022. Sign up today to lock in our current pricing before it increases.
  • Our Bidding Algorithm is powerful and effective. We optimize over 1,000,000 bids per day, so you're in safe hands with our algorithm.
  • Furthermore, you can customize the algorithm to fine-tune it and get the power of an algorithm with the customization of a rule.

In late 2022, you'll be able to create 'If This, Then That' rules for things like:

  • For this Keyword, decrease bid 15% if the ACOS is over 50% every Monday.

If this is an important must-have feature for you, but you want to join Ad Badger for our other full suite of powerful Amazon PPC Tools, contact us, and we'll come up with a custom price for you until we roll out this update. Lock in a great price for life and then not worry about future price increases. During major releases, we increase prices, but only for new customers. So contact us and lock in a price today.

You might wonder, "If Ad Badger doesn't have rules, how does it manage bidding?"

Here's the truth: We have one of the most advanced and nuanced bidding algorithms out there, Bids by Badger™️. It's led to some pretty amazing results: And we did all this without the rule builder. We optimize over a million keywords per day with our bid algorithm. 

What's better yet - you can CUSTOMIZE the bidding algorithm to your specifications. If you think a keyword shouldn't go above or below a certain keyword, you can make it so. Learn more about how you can customize and fine-tune the algorithm unlike any other tool out there here: