Want to view things like organic sales per product or Total ACOS per product? 

Click The Badger in the top right to access settings:

Then, click 'All Stores'

Then, click the 'Key' on the right side.

After you connect, the key will turn into a green checkmark to let you know it's connected.

What Access Level do I Need for SP-API (Selling Partner API)?

If you're an agency member or freelancer, you might have been added to a customers' vendor-central, KDP, or seller-central account and wondered: "What level of access do you need to add your client's SP-API?" 

Things to note: 

  • Amazon regularly updates its permissions in Seller Central, Vendor Central, and KDP
  • Our recommendation is this: Ask your clients to add you to "admin" to all areas in SC, VC, and KDP. This will guarantee you have enough access (tested as of November 1, 2022). 

If you experience any issues with connecting please feel free to contact support@adbadger.com.