Setting Bid Caps in Bids by Badger

You turned on Bids by Badger, set your target ACOS for your campaigns, but you don't know what your bid caps should be. You may not even know what a bid cap is or the purpose of it. Well, all of this information is provided in this article!

What is a Bid Cap?

A bid cap is the maximum amount that the Bids by Badger algorithm will set your bid to with each keyword or product target.

Why Set a Bid Cap?

Ad Badger's Bid Algorithm, Bids by Badger™️, offers the following checks before assigning a new bid to a keyword or product target.

  • It calculates a new bid (let's say $7.00 for a very profitable keyword).
  • Before it sets the new bid, it checks your bid cap.
  • If you have a bid cap of $2.00, then The Badger will not increase your bid over $2.00, and it will be "capped" at $2.00.
  • Ad Badger will still calculate a new bid daily. If that new calculated bid is over your cap, it will hold at your bid cap.
How To Adjust Your Bid Cap

Setting a bid cap is quick and easy. You can set your bid cap at the campaign, ad group, and target levels.

Navigate to Bids by Badger™️:

How to set a bid cap? Mouse over the "Bid Cap" column, and a pencil to edit the bid cap will appear. The default bid cap is $5.00

Once you changed your bid caps, Bids by Badger will now take this number into consideration when it makes its daily calculations to make sure you reach your target ACOS while maintaining traffic and conversions.

We hope this article is helpful. If you still have questions, please contact us at Thank you for checking us out!

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