Covid-19 Mode Bids by Badger


Ad Badger knows how important this time of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is to your business.

You are likely experiencing a different ACOS than normal with a different conversion rate than normal.

We created a special Bids by Badger Algorithm specifically for this Coronavirus Crisis. We call it: COVID-19 Mode.

When you turn on Bids by Badger for a campaign, The Badger will ask you if you’d like to use our standard algorithm or our new Crisis Algorithm.

We did a Live Stream about this new algorithm. Check it out below 👇 (We suggest you start at the 3:30 mark)

How Is The Bid Algorithm Different In COVID-19 Response Mode?

We studied and observed data inside campaigns and determined that the best course of action to control ACOS during this turbulent time is to:

  1. Both COVID-19 Mode and Standard Mode: Update bids daily.
  2. Both COVID-19 Mode and Standard Mode: Use a predictive Revenue-Per-Click Model to estimate your target CPC based on how much revenue a single keyword generates.
  3. COVID-19 Mode is Different because it: Studies a shorter time frame, if there is enough data.
  4. COVID-19 Mode is Different because it: Works much faster than standard mode. Meaning, if your conversion rate falls from 8% to 3% overnight, the COVID-19 Mode will respond immediately.
  5. COVID-19 Mode is Different because it: Takes bigger action. This bid algorithm is faster, based on data that is most up to date.

What Mode Should I Choose?

  • If your conversion rate has held steady over the past 90 days, choose standard mode.
  • If your conversion rate, revenue per click, or ACOS has changed dramatically, up or down, within the past few weeks, choose Crisis Mode. We’re using the figure ~20% change.

Should I Convert All My Campaigns To COVID-19 Mode?

If your Revenue Per Click, ACOS, or Conversion Rate has changed by over 20% during Coronavirus, yes, you should convert to COVID-19 Mode.

I Have More Questions – Can You Help?

Ad Badger is here to support you through this time. Don’t forget– as an AB Customer, you have access to our private forum, FB Group, tools, and training program.

We also offer a PPC Coaching program if you need more one-on-one help too.

We hope this article was helpful! Thank you for choosing Ad Badger!

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