How do I turn on Bids by Badger and start bid optimization?

Wondering how to turn on bid optimization in Bids by Badger?

Turning on Bids by Badger will unleash the most reliable, most powerful bid algorithm in the industry - and it only gets more advanced as time goes on.

Did you know? Ad Badger optimizes and learns from over 10,000,000 bid changes a week?

You can turn it on for a campaign in less than a second!

  • Navigate to Bids by Badger:
  • Select a campaign, ad group, or keyword you want to optimize
  • Select "Bid Optmiization"
  • Enter your Target ACOS. You can also change your target ACOS from here, too
  • Select your optimization mode (Unsure of what to pick? Just ask us!)

NOTE: Bids by Badger must be turned on at the Campaign Level first. Go to your campaign(s), and select "BBB Settings" to turn it on. Afterward, you can set different ACOS for different keywords.

What happens next?

After you turn on Bids by Badger, it will update your bids every single night, based on the new data that rolls in.

Visual Learner? Watch this video to learn more about Bids by Badger:

We hope this article is helpful. If you still have questions, please contact us at Thank you for checking us out!

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