What is Bid Cap in Bids by Badger?

Inside Bids by Badger, you can set a "Bid Cap" - What is a Bid cap?

A bid cap is the highest amount Ad Badger's Bid Algorithm will set your bid to - even if it thinks the bid should be higher. Here's a good example

  • A very strong keyword has a 40% conversion rate (2 in 5 clicks convert with an order)
  • Ad Badger wants to set the bid to $4.75
  • However, you entered a bid cap of $3.00
  • Even though Ad Badger wants to apply a bid of 4.75, it will be limited to your bid cap and set the bid to 3.00

Why use a bid cap?

Think of setting a bid cap as a way of saying "Optimize my bids, but don't go over my bid cap." It's a way to help influence the algorithm and get your bids exactly where you want them.

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