You can set the tactic when creating or editing a campaign in Amazon Advertising's campaign setup interface.

 Log In: Log in to your Amazon Advertising account using your credentials.

  1. Navigate to Campaigns: Once logged in, go to the "Campaigns" section. This is usually found in the main dashboard or navigation menu.

  2. Create or Edit Campaign: Depending on whether you are creating a new campaign or editing an existing one, choose the respective option.

    • To Create a New Campaign: Click on the "Create Campaign" button and follow the campaign setup wizard.
    • To Edit an Existing Campaign: Locate the campaign you want to edit in the list of campaigns and click on it to access the campaign settings.
  3. Campaign Settings: In the campaign settings or setup wizard, you will come across various fields and options. Look for the "Tactic" field or option. It's often found under the campaign details or advanced settings section.

  4. Set the Tactic: In the "Tactic" field, you can enter or select the tactic that best represents the strategy or approach you want to associate with this campaign. You may have different tactics for different campaign goals or product groups.

  5. Save or Update: After setting the tactic, be sure to save your changes if you are editing an existing campaign or continue with the setup if you are creating a new campaign.

  6. Review and Launch: Review your campaign settings, including the selected tactic, to ensure everything is correct. Once you are satisfied, you can launch the campaign or, in the case of editing, save your changes.

Remember that the specific layout and options in Amazon Advertising may vary slightly based on updates and changes to the platform. If you have trouble finding the "Tactic" field during the campaign setup or editing process, you can refer to Amazon Advertising's official help documentation or contact their support for guidance.