Ad Badger recommends a structured approach to organizing your campaigns for optimal performance. Here's a breakdown of how you can structure your campaigns:

  1. Product Name:

  2. What specific product are you advertising?

  3. Campaign Type:

  4. What type of advertising is being used? (SP, SB, SBV, SD)?

  5. Brand or Non-Branded:

  6. What keywords are you targeting, is it Branded or Non-Branded?

  7. Campaign Targeting:

  8. Is it auto, exact, phrase, broad, product targeting (PT), category targeting (CAT), etc?

  9. Strategies:

  10. What type of strategies are you using?

Now that you have an organized structure for your campaigns, you are ready to crush it! Implementing this strategy will allow you to see how each of your products perform. It will make campaign optimization a much faster and easier process.

You can also check our Ad Badger article for additional knowledge: Amazon PPC Campaign Structure Broken Down Level By Level

We hope this guidance helps! Should you require further assistance or have additional questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to reach out.