If your Auto campaign is experiencing minimal impressions after 7 days, consider the following recommendations to improve its performance:

  1. Increase Budget & Bids:

    • Boost your campaign's budget and bids to enhance competitiveness in the auction, increasing the visibility of your ads.
  2. Optimize Product Listing:

    • Ensure your product title, bullet points, and product description contain relevant keywords. A well-optimized listing can improve ad visibility.
  3. Enhance Product Images:

    • Invest in high-quality and visually appealing product images. Engaging images can significantly impact click-through rates.
  4. Optimize Back-End Keywords:

    • Include additional keywords in the back end that are relevant to your product. Focus on terms customers might use in their searches.

Implementing these suggestions can help optimize your Auto campaign and increase its visibility. If you encounter further challenges or have additional questions, feel free to reach out for assistance.