This pertains to the process of inheriting the target ACoS within the Bids by Badger framework. When the target ACOS is established at either the campaign or ad group level, it is indeed carried over during the execution of Bids by Badger updates. When observing the Target ACOS in the Ad Manager tables, the expected behavior is the exclusion of the display of "inherited" target ACOS for Ad Groups, Keywords, or Targets when BBB is activated at the Campaign level. 

To verify the designated target ACOS for a specific Ad Group, you can navigate to Ad Manager, select the corresponding Ad Group, and access the "Settings" tab. On this interface, a comprehensive lookup is conducted to determine the inherited Target ACOS, along with other relevant BBB settings, originating from the Campaign in which it is housed. If you have any further inquiries or require additional clarification, feel free to reach out.