Welcome to the world of efficient PPC campaign management with Bulk Operations on Amazon. Introduced in 2016, this feature has made the complex task of managing campaigns considerably easier, even though the process may seem a bit intricate at first glance. This guide is your go-to resource, offering comprehensive insights into Bulk Ops and how it can empower you to conquer the Amazon marketplace.

What are "Bulk Operations" in Amazon PPC?

In Amazon Advertising, Bulk Operations enable you to make thousands of changes to your ad campaigns with a single upload. Here are some of the key changes you can make en masse:

  • Add or create new Campaigns, Ad Groups, Keywords, and Ads (SKUs in an Ad Group)
  • Pause or archive Campaigns, Ad Groups, Keywords, and Ads
  • Adjust budgets for Portfolios & Campaigns
  • Adjust placement settings for Campaigns & Ad Groups
  • Adjust bids for Ad Groups & Keywords
  • And much more

In-Depth Guide Coverage:

  1. How to Download/Upload Bulk Sheets:

    • Access Bulk Sheets via Seller Central's Campaign Manager or use this link for quick access.
    • Choose your desired settings for campaign optimizations.
    • Downloaded bulk sheets provide a snapshot of your campaigns and associated data.
  2. How to Create New Campaigns:

    • Utilize Amazon's Bulk Operations Template for creating new campaigns.
    • Fill in essential information such as Campaign Name, Daily Budget, Start Date, and more.
  3. How to Create Ad Groups:

    • Follow a similar process for creating new ad groups, including details like Ad Group Name and Max Bid.
  4. How to Add SKUs:

    • Include SKUs for new ads, ensuring accuracy by avoiding the use of ASIN.
  5. How to Add Keywords:

    • Add new keywords with relevant details like Max Bid, Targeting Type, and Status.
  6. How to Adjust Bids:

    • Easily modify bids by changing values in the Max Bid column.
  7. Advanced Tactics:

    • Explore advanced strategies such as the RPSB strategy, Negative Keyword Optimization, Copy/Paste for International Marketplaces, and Advanced Bid Strategies.


Bulk Operations significantly reduces the time spent on campaign management, turning hours of work into minutes. While it's a powerful tool, consider exploring automation options for even more efficiency. Ad Badger, for instance, offers automation that simplifies repetitive tasks, enhances conversion rates, and optimizes your ad spend effectively.

Ready to dominate the Amazon marketplace? Dive into the guide for a detailed understanding of Bulk Operations and take your PPC campaigns to new heights. For additional insights and support, don't hesitate to explore our blog article.

Happy optimizing!