In collaboration with Junglr's Elizabeth Greene, Ad Badger's Michael Facchin unveils the transformative power of Amazon's Search Query Performance Dashboard. This tool, still in beta but already reshaping analytics for Amazon brands and advertisers, promises an unprecedented dive into search behavior insights.


1. Locating the Dashboard:Find it at Brands > Brand Analytics > Search Query Performance. Direct Link to Search Query Performance DashboardNote: Exclusive to brand-registered sellers with appropriate permissions.

2. Understanding Search Queries:Distinguish between keywords and search queries.Definition: What customers type in the search box to find a product.

3. Dashboard Insights:Organic and sponsored ad performance.Search Funnels: Metrics at each stage of the customer journey.

4. Data Timeframes:Access up to 30 weeks or seven months of historical data.Unique feature not available elsewhere.

5. Optimal Analysis Timeframes:Larger timeframes for historical data; shorter for recent trends.

6. Why It's Amazing:Top 1000 search queries revealed.Valuable data includes clicks, impressions, cart adds, conversions.

7. Utilizing the Data:Refining marketing strategies based on search behavior.Tips for improving clicks and add-to-cart shares.

8. Amazon's Ranking System:Transparent metrics for search query ranking.Insights into search query volume and impressions.

9. Metrics Definitions:Impressions, clicks, cart adds, and the search funnel for purchases.Pro tips for optimizing each metric.

10. Export Limitation:SQPD lacks data export functionality.

Conclusion:Amazon's Search Query Performance Dashboard offers unprecedented access to first-party search query and conversion data. Dive into the dashboard to gain insights into customer behavior, optimize your strategies, and stay ahead in the competitive Amazon landscape.

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