With Bids by Badger, the bids update every night at midnight. If you want a bid to take place immediately, you'll have to use the "Update Bid" function. When you're in an Ad Group, and you check a keyword on the lefthand side, it'll give you the option to update the bid through 4 functions. And that takes place immediately. We've noticed a lag sometimes but it's only about 15 minutes.

To account for this data delay, Ad Badger works this data delay into our app. So if you are looking at data that includes the past 48 hours, it might look different than Amazon. We do incorporate this delay into all of our optimizations, to ensure we're making changes based on the best data.

You can find the info here: https://help.adbadger.com/article/43-how-does-ad-badger-sync-with-amazon?

To see the history of changes, you can go to the individual Campaign, select the Ad Group then click on History to see the bid optimizations changes.

Let us know if you have any other questions, we’d be happy to help.