Understanding how BBB optimizes for sales within a specified ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sale) range is crucial for effective campaign management. Here's a breakdown of how BBB handles target ACOS and strives to maximize orders and clicks.

BBB aligns with your set target ACOS, aiming to acquire as much traffic and as many orders as possible within that specified range. If you establish a target ACOS of 40%, for instance, the tool actively works to attain traffic and generate orders while adhering to the 40% ACOS parameter.

Unlike imposing rigid constraints, BBB empowers users to make decisions about the target ACOS based on their specific goals. The tool does not override user preferences by suggesting alternative ACOS percentages; instead, it respects your set target and strives to achieve optimal results within that framework.

BBB primary objective is to maximize both traffic and orders. If it perceives a shortage of data or traffic, the tool dynamically adjusts to increase visibility and garner more data, ensuring a balanced approach to achieve your desired outcomes.

In conclusion, BBB puts you in control of your advertising strategy, actively pursuing the set target ACOS while striving to maximize traffic and orders. If you need guidance on setting a target ACOS or further customization, feel free to explore those aspects for a tailored advertising approach.