Determining what constitutes a "good" number of impressions in Amazon PPC can depend on various factors, including your campaign goals, industry, product type, and budget. While I don't have real-time data, I can provide general guidelines based on standard practices as of January 2022.

  1. Consider Your Goals:

    • If your primary goal is brand awareness, a higher number of impressions might be considered good.
    • For sales-focused campaigns, the emphasis may shift to a balance between impressions and conversions.
  2. Industry Benchmarks:

    • Different industries may have varying benchmarks for what is considered a good number of impressions.
    • Researching industry-specific benchmarks or consulting Amazon PPC performance reports for your sector can provide insights.
  3. Product Type:

    • The type of product you are advertising can influence impressions. Highly competitive or niche products may have different expectations.
    • Seasonal trends can also impact impressions.
  4. Budget and Bids:

    • Your advertising budget and bid strategy play a crucial role. Higher bids or budgets may result in more impressions.
    • Monitoring the impression share metric can help assess the percentage of available impressions your ads are receiving.
  5. Competitive Landscape:

    • The competitiveness of your product category and the number of competitors can impact impressions.
    • High competition may require a strategic approach to maintain visibility.
  6. Conversion Rate:

    • While impressions are essential, it's crucial to analyze the conversion rate. A high number of impressions with a low conversion rate may indicate inefficiencies.
  7. Long-term Trends:

    • Track impressions over time to identify trends. Consistent growth may be a positive sign.

Remember, what's considered a "good" number of impressions is relative and should be assessed in the context of your specific campaign objectives. Regular monitoring, analysis, and adjustments based on performance data will help you optimize your Amazon PPC strategy. For the most accurate and current information, it's recommended to use Amazon's reporting tools and stay updated on industry trends.