The Ad Badger Copilot Email is your personalized Amazon PPC Optimization Report, sent each week to your email, providing actionable insights to enhance your Amazon Advertising strategy. Here's a brief overview:

1. Wasteful Spend Reduction:

  • Identify keywords and targets with at least 30 clicks for potential pausing.
  • For keywords under 30 clicks, wait for conversion updates next week.
  • Consider pausing broad/phrase keywords in favor of exact versions.

2. Save Time & Optimize ACOS:

  • Track improvements in ACOS, sales, and clicks for 1,028 keywords and product targets.
  • Explore the Bid Health Dashboard for the top 5 most improved keywords.

3. Summary Metrics:

  • Average Keywords & Targets Per Ad Group: 283.33
  • PPC Power Ratio: 1.27 (Ideal Range: 1.5-2.5)
    • Indicates the "tightness" or "looseness" of your account structure.

4. Recommended Next Steps:

  • Check weekly recommendations for pausing keywords at the bottom of the Bid Health Report Card.

For detailed information and further assistance, feel free to reach out or explore our knowledge base.

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