Adding more client accounts to Ad Badger software as an agency

When an Ad Badger software customer (Agency) connects their client's Ad Console account, they authorize the software to collect and sync data on their behalf. 

At this time, there is not a list inside Ad Console of connected tools, thus, no, Ad Badger will not appear in any list.

If you are an Agency, your client will not receive any notifications that Ad Badger has access to their account. Your client will not see the Ad Badger app on their advertising account.

However, it's important to understand that Amazon can change this policy at any time, without an announcement, and this is something outside of Ad Badger's control.

Will clients with connections to Seller Central and Vendor Central be notified if I set up Ad Badger on their accounts?

For Selling-Partner API, i.e. connections to Seller Central and Vendor Central, the client or admin of the account will have to grant access, and there is a list of 'Connected Tools' inside Seller Central.


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