Yes absolutely we will be implementing marketing stream! There are a few reasons why we haven’t implemented it yet.
First, Marketing stream is still in beta. Historically, when something is in beta with Amazon, it can change dramatically and potentially be unreliable. Amazon’s advertising platform can be a little bumpy as you know (they’ve had the warning banner in their own dashboard for weeks about reporting issues) So we like to work with their most stable data only to ensure consistency and reliability.
Second: we’re releasing day parting (expected August/September of this year) where you’ll be able to make bid changes by hour of the day. This will allow you to make obvious changes like reducing bids over the weekend or in the middle of the night.
Third: after that, we assume marketing stream will be out of beta and we’ll integrate it into our app in the fall.
In short, we like to maintain data accuracy & reliability, and we don’t want to release any ‘beta’ features and want only the most reliable data available! Personally, I think it’s risky to invest too heavily into dayparting when amazon themselves still lists it in beta, which means issues can happen unexpectedly!


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