Getting Started with the Negative Keyword Nightly Hunt

Learn how The Badger will hunt every night for new money-saving negative keywords.

Use our Negative Keyword Nightly Hunt to automatically transform unprofitable or irrelevant search terms into negative keywords. Check out the video below for a quick tutorial on how to use the tool.

Note: This video was recorded before we renamed our tool. The Negative Keyword Predator is the same tool as the Negative Keyword Nightly Hunt, just renamed. This video also includes information about our other negative keyword tools, if you are interested.

We will scan your account every day and ensure that you are not wasting money on terms that never gain conversions.Badger Tip: Use our pre-built rules to get started. They will be effective for the majority of accounts.

Want to learn more about negative keywords and how they affect your campaigns? Check out our Complete Guide to Negative Keywords.

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