Negative Keyword Whitelisting

Whitelisting is an advanced feature that overrides our Negative Keyword Tool automations.

Negative keywords are terms that should be blocked because they are irrelevant or unprofitable. 

For some businesses, it may make sense to continue to appear for terms that are unprofitable. For example, if you are Nike, it may be useful for you to appear for searches related to a competitor such as Adidas. 

Being able to grab some of your competition’s traffic is considered a worthwhile pursuit for some businesses, even if it comes in at unprofitably. Whether or not this is a good decision for your business is not for us to say. 

Whitelisting a specific negative keyword means Ad Badger will not allow that term to be added to your campaign as a negative keyword – even if our software originally triggers an automation to do so. 

This means we will check all automations against your whitelist. Any term on your whitelist will not be added as a negative – even if it meets the requirements for a “bad term”. 

Check out the Whitelisting portion of our Negative Keyword Tools video below for a better look. 👇

If you are unsure if you should add a whitelist negative keyword, you probably don’t need them. 

Whitelisting is an advanced feature you can come back to at a later time.

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