In Ad Badger, our Bids by Badger feature is designed to accommodate various bidding conditions and doesn't rely on default strategies. Instead, it adapts based on the bidding strategy and ad placements set by the user.

Here's an overview:

  • No Default Strategy:

    • Ad Badger doesn't enforce default bidding strategies. Users have the flexibility to set their preferred bidding strategy and ad placements in our system.
  • Adaptability of the Bidding Algorithm:

    • Our bidding algorithm is adept at adjusting bids in response to different conditions, always striving to achieve the target ACOS set by the user.
  • Balancing Discoverability and ACOS:

    • Ad Badger typically adjusts bids, either up or down, to strike a balance between discoverability (getting clicks) and ACOS (maintaining an optimal cost of sales).
  • Dynamic Bid Adjustments:

    • The bidding strategy used depends on whether your campaign is above or below the target ACOS. Below target ACOS, the algorithm becomes more experimental, gradually increasing bids. Conversely, above target ACOS, the algorithm takes a more conservative approach.

For detailed insights, you can refer to our articles "How does Ad Badger manage bids?" and "How do settings like 'Up & Down' or Placement settings impact Bids by Badger's algorithm?".

If you have further questions or need assistance with your bidding strategy, feel free to reach out.