What does 1D, 7D, and 30D mean?

1D, 7D, and 30D are all different ways of attributing and connecting clicks and conversions in Amazon Advertising.

  • 1d is an event that happens within 1 day of the click.
    • If someone clicks on Monday at 7am and converts at 7pm, that’s a 1d conversion.
  • 7d is an event that happens within 7 days of the click.
    • If someone clicks on Monday at 7am, any conversion that happens within 7 days show up here.
  • 30d is an event that happens within 30 days of the click.
    • If someone clicks on Monday the 1st of the month, they have a full 30 days to convert and it shows up here.

Why use 1D, 7D, 30D for decision-making?

1D, 7D, and 30D time increments allow for breaking down data differently. For example, perhaps there is a product with low 1D conversions that you might shut off, but seeing that it has high 30D conversions illuminates that that product has a different shopping style.

If purchasing your product requires customers to take time for comparison shopping, then relying on 30D data illuminates how much time it may take for shoppers to convert and order from you.

Seeing all the conversions that happen within 30 days of a click is powerful. It prevents short-sighted decisions and lets you see how effective your ads are at getting conversions over different timeframes.

Does Ad Badger recommend 1D, 7D, or 30D for data-collecting?

In general, we suggest that you use 30D data. It ensures you’re looking at the longest attribution window and looking at as many conversions attributable to ads as possible.

Are the 1D, 7D, 30D options available in Amazon?

The 1D, 7D, and 30D data options are available in Amazon. We get all our data directly from Amazon to list your revenues and ad data.

Their API has different data availability than Seller Central Campaign Manager, but it’s very close. Fun fact: Inside your Amazon Account, there are different metrics in your downloaded report from Amazon than in the campaign manager or your business reports. It’s always close but it's not exactly the same.


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