If you’re viewing your bid changes in Ad Badger, you might see a day where your bids weren’t changed or updated by Ad Badger.

Reason 1: Brand New Campaign Or Keyword

When Ad Badger identifies a brand new campaign, it studies the data's behavior with your default bid on the first day. Ad Badger begins optimizing this campaign within the first 48 hours of a new campaign or keyword.

Reason 2: You Are New To Ad Badger

The second reason why Bids by Badger may not optimize your bids is that you are a brand new customer to Ad Badger. For the first 48 hours, Ad Badger is studying, observing where your current levels are. We do this to help establish a baseline.

Reason 3: Your Bid is Stable Already

The third reason why your bids haven’t been updated is that yesterday’s bid is still the optimal bid. If Ad Badger calculates your bid on Monday and you haven’t received statistically different clicks or conversions, then it maintains the previous bid. Don’t worry, if things start to change, Ad Badger will respond at its next optimization cycle.

PRO-TIP: Ad Badger Lists Changes For You – Daily

Inside Ad Manager, you can see the detailed history for every single keyword, product target, and auto-target. We save this data for you so you can always refer back to what changes Ad Badger has made and how that improved your performance.

We hope this article is helpful. If you still have questions, please contact us at ppc@adbadger.com. Thank you for checking us out!