A few common questions we receive are:

  • How does the Bids by Badger Algorithm interact with Up & Down settings?
  • What about placement settings? Will the algorithm know what to do if I set a large top of search placement bid on my sponsored products?

Ad Badger factors these in. The Badger is studying the past performance of a keyword, and the trend of a keyword to best predict how much revenue each keyword generates per click.

So if you have something like placement bids, and up & down, and any other external factors active - all these factors simply inform the past performance of the keyword. So let’s say you increase a TOS bid, that will either increase or decrease your revenue of the keyword in question. If it increases revenue, then bids will follow.

We factor in the performance to ensure you’re bidding the right amount, based on how much revenue a keyword generates, based on the performance of the keyword.


  • You have 0% placement bid setting for top of search.
  • Your revenue per click of a keyword is 1.00. Your bid is 0.50 cents and set by Bids by Badger.
  • You set a 100% placement bid setting for top of search. 
  • Your new 'Top of Search Bid' is now $1.00 (50 cents + 100%)
  • This new price will either increase or decrease your revenue per click. 
  • Scenario 1: It increases your revenue per click: Ad Badger will increase your KW bid to response.
  • Scenario 2: It decrease your revenue per click: Ad Badger will reduce your KW bid to respond.

We build the Bidding Algorithm in Ad Badger to respond to all sorts of conditions. Up & Down, placement settings are nothing the Badger is unfamiliar with. We work hard to hit your Target ACOS. 

Quarterly, we study all campaigns to study any campaigns that are not close to target ACOS. We study these conditions and program an even stronger algorithm. So as time goes on, our algorithm is more and more accurate, which is why our customers love using Bids by Bager to land on their target ACOS.