Account, Settings, and Billing

Explore our Account, Settings, and Billing Docs—an essential toolkit to navigate the backend of your Ad Badger experience seamlessly. From setting up your account preferences to understanding billing nuances, these guides empower you to tailor Ad Badger to your needs. Unlock the full potential of our platform with clear instructions, troubleshooting tips, and insights into managing your account like a pro.

How do I change my email?

Changing your email is quick inside Ad Badger.  You can do so right here: Click the Badger in the top right to access the settings Then, click 'Change Email' under the "Account" area on the left. En...

August 16, 2022

Can I have a Product Tour or a Demo of Ad Badger?

We have you covered! Visit our Product Tour page for a full demo of everything Ad Badger can do for your Amazon PPC.

August 16, 2022

Does Ad Badger offer Chat?

We’re a small team but we usually respond to chats within 24 hours during USA Business Hours on weekdays . How to Access Ad Badger's Chat: You can chat with Ad Badger support from within the software by using the bubble in the bottom right corner...

August 16, 2022

Does Ad Badger support Advertising for Authors or KDP (Kindle Book Publishing)?

Yes, Ad Badger supports KDP Ads. Note: While Ad Badger supports KDP Ads, Amazon has not made all areas of KDP Ads available to software developers. KENP specific ads and lock screen ads are not fully supported because Amazon doesn't offer us data...

March 18, 2024

Troubleshooting Payment Failed Error/Invalid Payment Method

What to do when there is a payment issue

October 24, 2023

Select Payment Method Error

We're sorry you've encountered an unpaid error. This message indicates that your Ad Badger subscription payment has not been processed successfully. To swiftly resolve this issue and continue enjoying uninterrupted access to Ad Badger's powerful f...

December 14, 2023