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Welcome to the heart of Ad Badger! Unleash the full power of our software with our comprehensive help docs. Whether you're optimizing campaigns, fine-tuning keywords, or exploring advanced features, this collection is your roadmap to mastering the Ad Badger experience. Dive into clear instructions, practical tips, and insider insights to amplify your advertising game and make the most of our cutting-edge software.

How Do I Use Filters in the Ad Badger Software?

The easiest way to sort your data in a preset way  About Insight into one of Ad Badger’s most powerful features, Ad Badger Filters. We take a quick look around the tool and determine how and why you would use filters in Ad Badger. We will also sho...

October 20, 2022

What do I do if I have a product missing from the Product Dashboard?

Your product must be in your top products with sales from their Sponsored Products or Sponsored Display campaigns. Questions? If you have any additional questions, contact us at .

April 14, 2023

How often does Ad Badger Update Bids?

Your product must be in your top products with sales from their Sponsored Products or Sponsored Display campaigns. Questions? If you have any additional questions, contact us at . 

March 2, 2023

How Do I Find and Manage Duplicate Search Terms With The Duplicate Hunter in Ad Badger?

Duplicate search terms can be a common issue for Amazon PPC campaigns, but they are also a missed opportunity for maximizing sales. Fortunately, finding and managing these duplicates is easier than ever before thanks to tools like the Duplicate Hu...

September 22, 2023

How does Ad Badger handle Total ACOS?

Is it possible to have Total ACOS per keyword? Why is it only available per product?

July 27, 2023

Resolving an Incomplete Sync or Failed to Sync Issue

This help document provides step-by-step instructions on how to manually complete a sync fail or an incomplete sync.

December 29, 2023

Sick Badger Error Message

We never like our tools to let you down. Unfortunately nothing is perfect (even if we try to be). If you are receiving the Sick Badger error message: There are a few actions you can take: 1) Refresh the page 2) Ensure Ad Blocker is not enabled 3) ...

August 26, 2023

Is there a keyword ranking tracker?

We regret to inform you that Ad Badger does not currently include a keyword ranking tracker among its available features. While our platform offers a range of powerful tools and functionalities for optimizing your Amazon advertising campaigns, mon...

September 13, 2023

What is Ad Badger's Billing Policy?

Free Trial? Money-Back Guarantee? Software Opt-Out Policy Refund Policy Subscription Renewals Ad Spend Overage Fee Policy Does Ad Badger have a free trial? No, Ad Badger does not have a free trial. We offer a 60-day opt-out period, though; please ...

January 11, 2024

I Reported an Issue, What Happens Next?

Thank you for being an invaluable part of our journey! Your dedication to reporting issues plays a crucial role in enhancing the usability and overall experience of our software. With your vigilance and support, we continue our pursuit of excellen...

November 28, 2023

I am uable to view the history for the changes shown on the bid optimisation dashboard. How do I view them?

To access and review changes made inside the account for a specific keyword, follow these steps: Navigate to the campaign associated with the keyword. Within the campaign, locate the ad group related to the keyword you are interested in. If there ...

December 29, 2023

Displaying the Euro Symbol Correctly in Excel with Ad Badger CSVs

When opening CSV files downloaded from Ad Badger software in Excel, you may notice that the euro currency symbol (€) is incorrectly displayed as €. This is due to a difference in character encoding between the CSV file and Excel's default settin...

January 25, 2024

How do I Pin Columns?

One of the lesser-known yet incredibly useful features of Ad Badger is the ability to pin columns in its interface. This feature enhances the user experience by allowing for more efficient data analysis and management. In this article, we’ll explo...

January 25, 2024

How do I add Negative Keywords in Ad Badger’s Software?

Negative keywords play a crucial role in refining your advertising campaigns and ensuring your ads are shown to the right audience. In Ad Badger, you can incorporate negative keywords at the Ad Group level to improve the performance of your campai...

January 31, 2024

How do I use Tags on Ad Badger?

Enhance your Ad Badger experience with tags! Ad Badger's tagging feature allows you to categorize and organize your advertising entities efficiently. Easily track, filter, and manage your portfolios, campaigns, ad groups, keywords, negative keywor...

June 11, 2024

Account & Settings

How do I fix Ad Badger's data if it is not loading properly?

Don’t See the Ad Badger's Data? You probably have an over-active adblocker. Add to your blocker’s whitelist to load the data properly. How To Find Your Ad Blocker: Most internet browsers show ad blockers in the upper-right corner. Eve...

November 28, 2023

How do I change my timezone in Ad Badger?

Welcome to our guide on mastering time in Ad Badger! In this article, we'll walk you through the simple steps to change your timezone and ensure your PPC campaigns are perfectly synchronized. Let's dive in! 1. Click the badger icon in the top left...

November 28, 2023

How do I do a hard refresh in Chrome?

Occasionally, Ad Badger support team members will ask you to do a hard refresh in your Chrome browser so you have the most up-to-date version of our software. We borrowed the instructions below from Fabric Digital . How to do a hard refresh on Go...

November 28, 2023

How do I change my payment method?

To change your payment method Go to Settings Navigate to the Overview Section of your Billing Settings Click the Pencil Icon under Payment Method  Update with the new details Click Add See the images below for further clarity. Questions?  If you h...

May 1, 2022

How do I view my software receipt?

To view your software receipt: Go to Settings Navigate to the Receipts Section of your Billing Settings See the image below for further clarity. If you need to add specific information to your Ad Badger receipt, such as extra-billing and tax infor...

April 28, 2022

How Do I Change My Store Name or Marketplace Name?

How to change the name of a Store and it's Marketplaces in Ad Badger's Settings.

November 28, 2023

How Do I Turn Off the Weekly CoPilot Email Notifications?

The weekly Badger Copilot emails are designed to provide personalized insight into your campaigns. If you don't like them, want them, or need them, unsubscribe. How to Unsubscribe from CoPilot Emails Log into your Ad Badger account. Version 1 User...

February 23, 2022

Where to view, download, and update invoices and receipts

In this help document, we describe the process of where to view, download, change, or update invoices and receipts.

July 26, 2023

Is there an option to change the currency displayed in the application?

Great question! The currency will always be displayed according to the marketplace currently being viewed. Currently you are unable to change the currency.  If you are having issues with the correct currency being shown please contact us at suppo...

November 28, 2023

Does Ad Badger support Marketing Stream?

Yes absolutely we will be implementing marketing stream! There are a few reasons why we haven’t implemented it yet. First, Marketing stream is still in beta. Historically, when something is in beta with Amazon, it can change dramatically and pote...

June 28, 2023

What happens when I change my password on Amazon?

How do password changes affect your Ad Badger account

August 11, 2023

How do I download my latest data on Ad Badger?

Ad Badger syncs with Amazon every night, typically at midnight. When we sync with Amazon, we run any automations that are necessary, pull in the newest data (excluding the last two days because that data is highly unreliable), and update any new i...

November 28, 2023

How do I Reconnect my Amazon Store to Ad Badger?

Periodically, Amazon un-syncs accounts from software tools like Ad Badger. It does so at seemingly different intervals for different people. It is unclear why Amazon does this, but we are in communication with them in case they change this policy....

November 28, 2023

How do I add information to my software receipt?

How to change your company name in Ad Badger: Both your company name and your own name will appear on your Ad Badger receipts. If you need to change either your name or company name, you can do so in the Profile Settings. Navigate to the Profile S...

February 17, 2022

I'm an agency. Will my clients be notified if I set up the Ad Badger on their account?

Adding more client accounts to Ad Badger software as an agency When an Ad Badger software customer (Agency) connects their client's Ad Console account, they authorize the software to collect and sync data on their behalf.  At this time, there is n...

May 16, 2022

I'm a version 1 user of Ad Badger. How do I transition to version 2?

On September 1, 2020, we launched a new and improved version of the software, and we affectionately call it, Version 2, v2, and Ad Badger 2.0.  Version 2 is a brand new software built on new servers that are completely separate from the original v...

November 28, 2023

What Ad Types Work With Ad Badger?

Does Ad Badger work with Sponsored Products? Yes!  Ad Badger supports Sponsored Products. Does Ad Badger work with Sponsored Brands? Yes!  Most of Ad Badger's tools support Sponsored Brands,  except  for the Targeting Tools . The keyword & targeti...

February 9, 2022

How Do I Update the Contact Email Inside My Account?

Please follow the directions below to manually change the contact email inside your Ad Badger Account: Head to Settings and under the Account tab, click on 'Change Email.' Input the current email associated with your account and the new email you'...

November 28, 2023

Is Ad Badger Fully Automated?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as “fully automated"" in any Amazon software. Our tool does most of the heavy lifting, but it still requires some human decision-making during setup and as an account grows. Amazon PPC campaigns will always ne...

February 23, 2022

How do I Cancel My Subscription?

At Ad Badger, we understand that situations change, and you may need to cancel your auto-renewal subscription with us. We value your satisfaction and want to make this process as smooth as possible. Before proceeding with cancellation, we encourag...

November 28, 2023

How do I remove an Amazon Account, Store, and/ or Marketplace from Ad Badger?

In order to disconnect anything from Ad Badger, you will need to disconnect the smallest entity first. This means before we can disconnect an Amazon Account, we have to remove all stores and marketplaces associated with it. Follow along below for ...

November 28, 2023

How Do I Add An Additional User to Ad Badger?

Step 1: Click on the Badger icon and go to Settings Step 2: Click on Billing –> Purchase Addons Step3: Click the green shopping cart under Additional User  Step 4: Confirm and pay   Questions?  If you have any additional questions, contact us at t...

April 14, 2023

How can I find out Ad Badger's latest software updates?

Interested to know what’s new inside the Ad Badger app? 1. Go to your Settings 2. Click on About and view the Ad Badger Changelog to see new features and product updates Or, you can view our latest updates at unde...

April 21, 2022

Ad Manager & Bid Optimization

What does Bids by Badger Inherited mean?

This pertains to the process of inheriting the target ACoS within the Bids by Badger framework. When the target ACOS is established at either the campaign or ad group level, it is indeed carried over during the execution of Bids by Badger updates....

December 20, 2023

Why Hasn't Bids by Badger Changed My Bids

If you’re viewing your bid changes in Ad Badger, you might see a day where your bids weren’t changed or updated by Ad Badger. Reason 1: Brand New Campaign Or Keyword When Ad Badger identifies a brand new campaign, it studies the data's behavior wi...

November 28, 2023

Does Bids by Badger and Ad Badger's Bidding Algorithm Take Priority at the Campaign or Keyword (KW) Target Level?

Does Bids by Badger and Ad Badger's Bidding Algorithm Take Priority at the Campaign or Keyword (KW) Target Level?

November 28, 2023

Viewing Bid Changes in Ad Badger

The goal of this article is to teach you where to view daily bid changes for all your keywords, product targets, and auto targets in your Amazon Advertising account. Once you have opened the Ad Manager, you will see all of your campaigns. You can ...

February 17, 2022

Can I exact match keyword search?

Let's consider our fictional brand 'TechPros.' We have exact match keywords that are simply 'TechPros.' On the other hand, we also have a multitude of keywords that include 'TechPros...' along with other associated terms. Is there a method to excl...

August 26, 2023

Bids by Badger Algorithm Not Hitting Target ACOS

Mathematically, the perfect bid is a calculated metric and there is no emotion to it. Your bid (CPC) should be set to your ACOS target percentage of your average RPC (revenue generated per click). For example, if your average RPC is $1 and you’re ...

November 28, 2023

How do I use the Single Keyword/ Target Campaign Builder?

Learn how to create a brand new single keyword or target campaigns from inside Ad Badger's Ad Manager. Table of Contents Getting Started Campaign Options Bidding Options Bids by Badger Automatic Optimization Ad Group Options Summary of Targeting G...

November 28, 2023

How to Update Bids in Bulk in Ad Manager

Want to replace Bulk Operations Files with bulk-change bids across campaigns directly within Ad Badger? Us too. Update:  We have since rolled the standalone Bids by Badger feature into the Ad Manager. Instead of a separate menu item for “Bids by B...

November 28, 2023

What's the process for identifying underperforming ASINs and removing them?

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. If you have any other questions please reach out to our PPC Team . 

November 28, 2023

How do I find my exact match (or phrase match or broad match) keywords in Ad Badger?

Analyzing your keyword performance is a great way to gain insight into how your Amazon campaigns are perfoming.

August 2, 2023

How to apply the 'Does Not Contain' filter

How to exclude terms from your tables

August 12, 2023

Can Ad Badger adjust placement settings automatically?

Ad Badger, unfortunately, does not possess the automatic capability to make adjustments to placement settings on your behalf. As of now, the configuration of placement settings for your campaigns would require manual intervention. We understand th...

November 28, 2023

Is there a place to see the history of all changes made by Bids by Badger?

We regret to inform you that currently, we don't offer a unified overview to track the comprehensive history of changes made by Bids by Badger automations.  To access the history of a specific keyword in Ad Manager, locate the keyword you wish to ...

December 16, 2023

How do I use the Max/ Min Bid setting for the Bids by Badger algorithm?

You turned on Bids by Badger, set your target ACOS for your campaigns, but you don't know what your max bids should be. You may not even know what a max bid is or the purpose of it. Well, all of this information is provided in this article! What i...

November 28, 2023

How to Change Bid Strategy Inside Ad Badger

If you are trying to change the default Amazon Bidding Strategy for Sponsored Products inside Ad Badger, here is a quick video that shows how to switch between the following Bid Strategies: Fixed Bids Down Only Up and Down   NOTE** Launch-Priced ...

November 28, 2023

Placement Bid Settings in Ad Badger

You can now see your campaign's Placement Bid Settings inside of Ad Badger. Where to Find Placement Bid Settings Finding your campaign's placement bid settings is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Head to the Ad Manager Choose the campaign that you wish to view...

February 16, 2022

How can I filter search terms by targeting source?

Secondary filters are something we want to build more of over time. We don't have it yet, but they are something we have on our radar. We're currently building lots of amazing features, like dayparting and campaign creation. When those are complet...

September 21, 2023

Targeting Tool Suite

How do I turn Bids by Badger off?

To turn off Bids by Badger, follow these steps: Scroll to Ad Manager > All Campaigns > Click on the Badger face > Change Bidding Algorithm > Off > Update: We hope this helps. If you have any other questions please feel free to email us thebadger@...

August 30, 2023

How does the campaign bidding strategy work with Ad Badger?

We build the Bidding Algorithm in Ad Badger to respond to all sorts of conditions. We don't have default bidding strategy but it can effectively adjust bids using the bidding strategy & ad placements that the user set on our system. Our algorithm ...

November 28, 2023

Can we retrieve a list of negative exact keywords that were added during the 'Negative Keyword Nightly Hunt' for a specific time period?

To access a specific list of negative keywords added on a particular day, follow these steps: Navigate to Ad Manager. Click on "View all negative keywords." Use the date filter to select your desired date. This will display all the negative keywor...

November 28, 2023

How do I setup my Positive Keyword Nightly Hunt Automations?

1. Log into the PKW Nightly Hunt: 2. Then, click ""Add New Automation"" 3. Follow the prompts. The tool will walk you through the process! Tips: Step 1 ""Select Source Ad Groups""  Generally, you will be graduating and moving search terms from an ...

February 23, 2022

How do I turn Bids by Badger On and set Target ACOS?

You might have already spotted some changes in Bids by Badger's interface. We've been hard at work upgrading the system to enhance your experience. You'll notice that the Target ACOS button and Bid Limit specific popups are no longer present. But ...

December 29, 2023

How do I Use the Negative Keyword Nightly Hunt tool?

Our Negative Keyword Nightly Hunt tool automatically transforms unprofitable or irrelevant search terms into negative keywords. It works overnight to catch unprofitable keywords in your Amazon PPC campaigns. How to Use the Negative Keyword Nightly...

November 29, 2023

Product Performance Dashboard

Curious about the performance of a specific product? Want to ensure you're optimizing your budget effectively? Look no further – we're here to guide you through the process! Whether you're concerned about overspending or missing out on potential r...

November 29, 2023

How Do I Find and Manage Duplicate Search Terms With The Duplicate Hunter in Ad Badger?

Duplicate search terms can be a common issue for Amazon PPC campaigns, but they are also a missed opportunity for maximizing sales. Fortunately, finding and managing these duplicates is easier than ever before thanks to tools like the Duplicate Hu...

September 22, 2023

Can I Download All of my Data in One File?

Current export options available for exporting your data.

August 17, 2023

What is the duration covered by the search terms in the Duplicate Hunter?

The duplicate hunter provides a performance report on search terms for the last 30 days, specifically focusing on identifying duplicates. However, it does not indicate whether a search term was previously added as a negative keyword. If a search t...

August 26, 2023

How Long Are My Keywords Stored in Duplicate Hunter?

The duplicate hunter shows you the performance of search terms over the past 30 days to highlight any duplicates. It does not mark off whether or not the search term has previously been added as a negative. If it was, it would naturally be removed...

August 18, 2023

Hourly Data in the Product Performance Dashboard

We are excited to introduce the enhanced Product Performance Dashboard (PPD) with a powerful new tool exclusively designed for our sellers. Please note that if you are a vendor, you may encounter a "Product Performance Unavailable" error message a...

November 29, 2023

How do I know if search terms are already added as negative keywords or not?

The search term quick attack reports on the performance of search terms, not necessarily what is already a negative keyword or not. For example, you might add it to one place as a negative, and then later decide to remove it as a negative. It will...

September 15, 2023

How does Ad Badger handle archived keywords, campaigns, ads?

We currently only sync archived entities once a week, on Sunday. You can trigger a manual sync in the Admin Panel for the marketplace. We currently have an update underway that will improve the frequency with which we sync archived entities into t...

November 28, 2023

Is there a way to download my Duplicate Hunter info?

The Duplicate Hunter is designed to help you efficiently identify and manage duplicate keywords in your campaigns. This help document provides step-by-step instructions on how to export your duplicate terms. You have the option to download the exp...

August 11, 2023

How often does the Nightly Hunt run?

When are positive/negative keywords added to the Nightly Hunt?

August 11, 2023

Can I add filters in the Duplicate Hunter report?

As of now, the capability to add filters in the duplicates report is not available. We understand the importance of this feature for our users and would like to assure you that it's part of our development roadmap. For updates on upcoming features...

December 16, 2023

I would like to download target data but it is only downloading 500 rows

Unfortunately as of now you can only download 500 rows at a time. But we are building and installing new tables with upgraded tech, that will more easily load rows. Our customers will have a much easier time doing things in bulk like this. This is...

December 22, 2023

Can I batch upload automation rules in the Positive Keyword Nightly Hunt tool using a CSV or Excel sheet?

As of now, our tool does not support the batch uploading of automation rules through CSV or Excel files. However, we've recognized the need for this feature, and it's currently in our development pipeline. We anticipate rolling out the functionali...

December 16, 2023

Is it possible to see which keywords have been harvested in Ad Badger?

Certainly! To view the list of keywords that have been harvested, you can navigate to the "History" tab in Ad Badger. In the "History" tab, you'll find a record of all actions and changes, including keyword harvesting activities. Reviewing this se...

December 16, 2023

Will insufficient data impact my Negative Keyword Nightly Hunt?

If you have less than 180 days' worth of Amazon PPC data, or ""insufficient data,"" fear not. Ad Badger is smart enough to know that there simply isn't any data for those days and will ignore it.  When you first sync Ad Badger with your Amazon acc...

February 17, 2022

How do I Customize Pre-Built Automations in the Negative Keyword Nightly Hunt?

The Negative Keyword Nightly Hunt default negative daily automations are designed to automatically bring in search terms and ASINs that are under-performing or not helping you reach conversions every day. When these automations are applied, Ad B...

February 23, 2022

What is N-Gram Analysis?

N-gram analysis can be a valuable tool for understanding the keywords and phrases that are most relevant and effective for optimizing product listings and ad campaigns. Here's how it applies: Keyword Analysis: N-gram analysis can help identify com...

March 1, 2024

How do I Add or Create New Phrase, Broad, and Exact Match Keywords in the Search Term Quick Attack?

Quick Attack is your Amazon campaign's ultimate asset, allowing you to effortlessly incorporate various keyword match types – from the nuanced precision of exact match to the expansive outreach of broad and phrase match. Seamlessly wield these mat...

November 29, 2023

How do "Never Negatives" Work?

What is a "Never Negative?" Negative keywords are terms that should be blocked because they are irrelevant or unprofitable.  In Ad Badger's Negative Keyword Nightly Hunt tool suite, a "never negative" is an advanced feature that overrides our Nega...

May 16, 2022

How do I undo changes in Nightly Hunt?

Unleash the power of Nightly Hunt with ease! Learn how to effortlessly undo changes in our latest video guide. Whether it's a quick tweak or a major adjustment, our step-by-step tutorial will show you the way. Watch now and master the art of undoi...

November 20, 2023

Can I batch upload automation rules in the Positive Keyword Nightly Hunt tool?

At the moment, our tool doesn't support bulk uploading of automation rules, and we understand the manual process can be quite time-intensive. However, here's the silver lining: we're excited to share that the functionality you're looking for – the...

August 26, 2023

Is there a way for me to review the terms I negated during a specific time period?

To access a specific list of negative keywords added on a particular day, follow these steps: - Navigate to Ad Manager. - Click on "View all negative keywords." Use the date filter to select your desired date. This will display all the negative ke...

September 19, 2023

Dashboard Suite

What is Ad Badger's Advertising Trends Report?

Ad Badger's Advertising Trends Report includes an abundance of information relating to your marketplace's advertising metrics. Use this report to view data with time-over-time comparisons. This report is divided into two tabs to increase maximum e...

May 10, 2022

What Does "1D, 7D, 30D" Mean in Amazon PPC or Ad Badger Reports?

What does 1D, 7D, and 30D mean? 1D, 7D, and 30D are all different ways of attributing and connecting clicks and conversions in Amazon Advertising. 1d is an event that happens within 1 day of the click. If someone clicks on Monday at 7am and conver...

November 28, 2023

Bids by Badger Dashboard

The Bids by Badger Dashboard! Ad Badger's new Bidding Dashboard includes a wealth of information all related to your marketplace's account health. This new dashboard is divided into two sections to increase maximum efficiency: Bidding Performance ...

April 3, 2024

How Do You Use the Poor Performers Dashboard Tool?

Learn how to reduce wasted ad spend and reallocate that spend towards more profitable keywords/ targets with the Poor Performers Tool! Poor Performers This table shows you a detailed list of your marketplace's poorest performing keywords and/ or t...

December 29, 2023

Using the Sync Dashboard

When you log onto Ad Badger, you'll see a Sync Prompt. This tells you how 'up to date' your data is. Want to pull in data from the past 72 hours?  By default, Ad Badger does not pull in data from the past 72 hours. This is due to Amazon's own orde...

December 29, 2023

I’m looking at my History tab and it’s telling me the max/mid increase has been reached, even though the max bid is # for those keywords

The reason for the bid increase limit is not related to the "max bid" limit, but rather to a "max increase" limit. Our bidding tool restricts the amount that Bids By Badger can increase the bids per day to prevent sudden and drastic changes that c...

December 28, 2023

Bid Health Report Card

Within the Dashboard under the Bidding Trends section, specifically in the Report Card tab, you'll come across our Bid Health Report Card feature. The initial focal point on your Bidding Report Card is a comprehensive grade. This overarching grade...

December 29, 2023



Dayparting in the realm of Amazon PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is a powerful strategy that allows advertisers to optimize their ad campaigns based on specific times of the day or days of the week. This feature enables sellers to tailor their advertising ef...

May 13, 2024

Is the Negative Keyword Nightly Hunt actively identifying and negating keywords or search terms?

Indeed, the Negative Keyword Nightly Hunt (NKWH) is designed to proactively identify and negate search terms based on the rules you've configured. It ensures that your advertising campaigns remain optimized by regularly hunting for and addressing ...

December 20, 2023

How long does it take before Bids by Badger starts working, and where do I see the changes applied?

With Bids by Badger, the bids update every night at midnight. If you want a bid to take place immediately, you'll have to use the "Update Bid" function. When you're in an Ad Group, and you check a keyword on the lefthand side, it'll give you the o...

December 28, 2023

How does Bids By Badger work in conjunction with the various types of dynamic bids (fixed, down only, up and down)?

Bids by Badger (BBB) is designed to enhance your advertising strategy by leveraging keyword-generated revenue. When integrating with dynamic bids, such as fixed down only or up and down, BBB seamlessly adapts to your chosen settings to optimize bi...

December 28, 2023

Is there a way to optimize for sales within an ACOS range? Or does Bids By Badger do this automatically?

Understanding how BBB optimizes for sales within a specified ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sale) range is crucial for effective campaign management. Here's a breakdown of how BBB handles target ACOS and strives to maximize orders and clicks. BBB align...

December 28, 2023